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Little Dorrit

January 2015

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Little Dorrit

Friends are like books <3

Friends only

Tell me you wish to be my friend...
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I saw your post over on add_me, and we seem to have a lot in common! I love art nouveau, art deco, Alfons Mucha and Klimt too. And I'm an artist as well, and like you I buy/read far too many books. I'm 19 and I live in England, and I have fallen in love with vampires recently too (though not of the Twilight kind- Anne Rice!).
Sometimes I post my art up on my journal, as well as my various musings. There are some personal posts relating to my being ftm, but they're usually under a cut. May I be added please?
I. LOVE. YOU. Three cheers for Anne Rice! Oh Tea, I stoped saying I love Vampires since that horrid thing came out... :D
lol, I know! I tried reading it when I was at school and everyone was, but I just. Couldn't. Stand it. Purple prose, ew. D: Anne Rice at least has more depth to her characters.
Saw your post on add_me and I believe we would have a good bit in common :) I would love to be friends!
I saw your post in add_me. Seems we have a few things in common such as Emilie Autumn, the Victorian era, and we're both tea drinkers. :) I think we could get along quite well.
Looking forward to knowing you :)
Hello! My name is Nicki, 29 from Australia. I'm a big book and movie fan. Friends?
I saw you on Add Me and you seem pretty interesting, Friends?
Thank you. :)
Hi Lady Mina,
Been seeing you're name floating around off and on. Would you like to add each other? We have somethings in common as well I think.
Sure. Adding :)
I saw your post on add_me, and I thought we'd be good LJ friends because I also love Tim Burton, and two of my absolute favorite artists are Klimt and Schiele.
Added you! :)
i saw you on leukocytes friending meme, im 21 as well and you seem pretty interesting:) im adding you x
Hi there! We're both friends of ever_maedhros and I see we share many of the same interests. Would you like to be friends? :)
Sure :)
Great, thanks! ^_^
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