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Little Dorrit

January 2015

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Little Dorrit

Friends are like books <3

Friends only

Tell me you wish to be my friend...
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I confirm. And

I have faced it. We can communicate on this theme.
I read your post in animeaddme community...I also like edgar allan poe...
Adding! <3
Hi. From your post in add_me to here, politely knocking on your lj door just to read about a girl's life in E. Europe.
I saw your post in animeaddme and I wish to be your friend! :) I love books and Hellsing, Emilie Autumn, Edgar Allan Poe and classical music. ♥
Wow, that's quite a lot of things in common... :D

Adding <3
Why, hello there! I happened to see your post in animeaddme and was truly impressed by your taste; we share a love for fashion, history (and fashion history!), the true vampires of classic literature, Poe, Dickens, and Burton! Friends, please? ♥

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Hope to be a good friend. :)
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Via <lj-user ="add me">

You seem interesting.

(I also like, Bones, Dickens and the Simpsons)

Want to add?
Yes, please. :)
You seem to be pretty cool! Can we be friends? :D
Yes, please :D
Adding! :D
I found your post ohere: http://animeaddme.livejournal.com/1134215.html and I would like to add you if that's okay :) Your taste in music is fantastic, and I love Vampire Knight as well!

My name is Jane, I'm 22 and I live in Australia. I study classical voice and I love opera, particularly Mozart's operas. I've recently become interested in Chopin's music too. I started watching anime earlier this year and so far my favourite series have been Ouran Host Club, Special A, Vampire Knight and Kaichou-wa Maid Sama.

Would you like to be friends?

Adding. <3
You seem very interesting. I found your add me post on anime add me. I'm intrigued by your anime lust and your fascination for the victorian era and Vlad the impaler. :) Adds?

I'm 23. Female. I'm a student in college. I love anime, writing, reading and I'm a macabre fan.
Oh, yes. :D

I love people who know who's prince Vlad III.
I found you on the add_me community, and I do say that I am delighted to find a fellow Hellsing fan who is equally as fascinated as I am about Alucard's past. I'm a fan of the actual historical Vlad III Dracula as well, and also love the original Dracula novel and the 1992 Dracula film.

I have added you if you don't mind. I hope to be able to discuss some wonderful Hellsing and Dracula stuffs with you. <3
Hope to be good friends with you! :D
Hi! Saw your advert on animeaddme. I'm a huge fan of Klimt and Schiele too.

Tea and hamsters <3
Saw your post in addme community. Add me back?
heyy, im sara. I saw you on add me! would love to be friends. add? :)
Hi! Saw you on add_me, and thought I would add you! :D You sound cool!
<3 Gillian
So your post on add_me and love your taste in art and music! I'd love to be friends. Add? :)
I saw your posting on the Add Me community. I added you :)
saw you in add_me. You like Beethoven? LET'S BE FRIENDS!
Sure thing. :D

Saw you on add_me and we have a lot of the same interests. I also like Poe, Charles Dickens, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, The Addams Family, Beauty and the Beast, Spirited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle.

Sorry for the list but I felt weird just saying that we had a lot in common. I added you and look forward to getting to know you more :)

Same here :)
Hi :D I'm coming from the add_me comm~

We have things like manga, drawing and a liking for fashion design in common (and I've also been called old-fashioned before, to be honest XD)
I did see on your user info/profile that you liked anime as well, which I do too, but I can relate to what you said. I like it, but not in a huge fanatic way. (although I used to be overly fanatic about it)

Friends. :)
Hello, I saw you on add_me , and I wanted to add you :))

I wish to be your friend.

I saw your post over in add_me and thought you seemed pretty awesome. =] Friends?

Re: I wish to be your friend.

Friends. :)
Is it too late to be added?!
It is never too late :D
Hi there. I'd love to have you on my friends list - mind if I add you? :)
Please, do. :)
Loved your lists on add me. Would you?
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