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Little Dorrit

January 2015

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Little Dorrit

Friends are like books <3

Friends only

Tell me you wish to be my friend...
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you seem pretty cool add me?
added :)
Where did you find that gorgeous picture? OwO
I don't remember. I downloaded it quite the time ago when Yu-Gi-Oh! was my favourite anime. I was around 14 then. I was browsing pictures on my laptop when I found it and thought it would look good if I "played" with it alittle. I can send you the original if you want... :)
Hope you don't mind that I'm adding you here. :D
oh yes, i would enjoy getting to know you, indeed. saw you in added.
Your eye-captivating write-up has brought me here. You seem so very interesting and I am intrigued. Adding you.
Adding back :)
I'm adding you, too. It's nice to know there are people on my Friend's list that have these things in common with me :)
I would like to be friends with you. I think it would be very interesting to read and comment on your journal. I'm 16 and in high school don't know what I want to be in life but I'm working on it.
Added :)
I saw you on one of the add communities and thought you might be a good fit.

I hope you'll apply. :)
I just saw your post on anime add me, and you sound like a cool person. I LOVE Yu-Gi-Oh and Hellsing, as well as FMA :)

Add! <3
I'm stupid so I forgot you asked to post friend requests here - copy-pasted this from animeaddme :D

Hi there!
Let's see... I have this big crush on ancient egypt... love to draw... YGO... hate Twilight... Naruto should have ended...FMA, Loveless, Howl's moving castle!
Yup, I believe we have to be friends.
Indeed! I can't wait to know you more :D
Why hallo thar~ ♥ I saw your post over at animeaddme, and it seems like we have a whole ton of things in common, like Yu-Gi-Oh and Fullmetal Alchemist, and I totally agree with you about hating Twilight and how Naruto should have ended a long time ago, lol. :'D You seem like a cool person and I'd love to be able to get to know you better. Friends?
Friends <3

I saw you posted on Anime add me and I would LOVE to be friends, finally someone who loves Ancient Egypt AND Yu-gi-oh. Friends plz?
Friends! <3

I agree, there aren't many people out there, are they? I actually haven't met many myself. And on cons most of Yu-Gi-Oh! freaks play duel monster so I don't have a chance to get to know them seeing as I don't play any card games at all. I guess I should start learning :P
Hi hi! Saw your post on animeaddme. I love YGO, Hellsing is one of my favorite anime ever (I am just starting on the manga now...so in love with Alucard), I hate Twilight, and...Bleach should really quit while it's ahead.

Add me?
Alucard rocks! Hellsing manga is great and fun! I've finished it quite the time ago.

Add! <3
Saw your thing on animeaddme

Yugioh and Gravitation :3 friends?
I f*cking LOVE your icon!!! :D Phone sex rules! xD

Friends! <3
I enjoyed your animeaddme entry. Friends? :)
Friends <3
I'm from Scotland, and am interested in Vlad the Impaler too. Friends?
Friends <3
Hey :)
I'm from Scotland :P And also dislike Twilight, and love Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and Stoker's Dracula (my sister and I watched the movie just the other night, and I want to read the book again soon :P). I also have had an interest in Ancient Egypt since I was very young, so we have quite a lot in common already :) Do you mind if I add you?
Yes, add me, please!

Stoker's Dracula is one of my favourite movies of all time! <3 I already read Dracula in three languages... and even read Dracula The-Undead (actually, I own that one :P)
I'm interested in a LJ friendship with you!
Add! :D
I found you on added. Your journal sounds interesting :) friends?
Friends! <3
We share a few common interests...added?
Add! :)
Hey, I saw you on added and I was wondering if we could be friends.
We seem to like some of the same things. Like YuGiOh and Egypt. I hate Twilight.
And isn't Vlad III, Vlad the Impaler?
Anyway, add?
I love people that know who I mean. Yes, Vlad III. Dracula, the fearsome (but sexy) Impaler. You are great! Adding! <3
I came across you on the addme comm.
You seem like a really awesome person.
Can I add you? :)
Please, do so. I'm adding you, too.
Friends <3
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